Crowd Management – a beginning

Crowd Management Team - Najafgarh Event, 27th December 2015, Delhi

PUNCH team has recently participated in an event which successfully happened on Sunday, 27th December 2015 at Najafgarh under South-West district of Delhi. The event was a religious one organized by a Jain community and it was one full-day event from 6:00AM to 8:00PM. The expected number of visitors as per the organizers (before the event) was anticipated above 20,000 people. The marketing of event was done across newspapers, magazines, TV etc.

PUNCH team was engaged in many activities like vendor management, site assessment, planning and layout, vehicle parking, fooding & lodging, lightening & decoration etc. Our team has studied all the aspects of event from very first day till the completion of event and it was indeed very useful experience which our team has acquired by putting sincere effort and investing lots of quality time spanning to 2 weeks.

On 27th December, there was little fog and cold but visitors started coming to event from 6:30am and by 9:30am the rush started pouring in as the weather became little cozy with full sunshine. The event was running with full capacity by 2:00pm and around 25,000 people already visited the event by that time. By the end of event at 8:00pm, more than 50,000 people visited the event and managing the whole gathering was a job exceptionally well done with backing of strong team of volunteers.

I really appreciate the efforts of PUNCH team, organizers and vendors for making this event a grand success and definitely a memorable one.