Crowd Management

People together is crowd, people united is strength

The people, when put together form the world, and represent strength when stands unite on a platform. But a poorly managed control, small rumour, mismanagement, an disorganised gathering may result in a stampede or riot. In India, such mismanagement of crowd control can be seen at religious places, parades, parties and social gatherings, political, entertainment, media, sports, and commercial events. So to come up on these disarrangements in crowd management we play significant role. We organize trainings and workshops on crowd management and control. Our aim is to aware people for taking precautions on public gatherings and to prevent themselves from rumours in such gatherings. We feel that there should be a proper structured approach for crowd management.

Our NGO (PUNCH) works for managing mass public gatherings like social, political, corporate, entertainment, sports, and religious (congregation) events, etc. We have taken an initiative to spread awareness in society to follow precautionary steps and safety guidelines during arrival and exit of an event venue. Also, people needs to aware themselves about following the rules and guidelines while in traffic, and while attending event. PUNCH (NGO) is providing its valuable service in making well strategic arrangements for organising events and managing crowd on public gatherings following the proper guidelines. We also encourage people to share their valuable contribution in our initiative of crowd management.

To manage or control mass public gathering, we work on analysing the causes of crowd disaster such as structure collapse, barriers on the way, poor railing and narrow stairs, fire/electricity, crowd behaviour, security issues and lack of coordination among stakeholders. On this analysis, we design a strategic plan on the basis of capacity planning, crowd control, unified command, risk assessment, execution plan, and general safety and security measures like using proper sign boards tapes, etc. Using the same plan out dedicated volunteers helps event organizers to efficiently controlling crowd and spreading panic during an event on event venue, shrine constructions, social and political and religious gatherings, traffic collision, sports, and entertainment events.

Our ongoing programs & activities

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