Your small donation can help someone’s in suffering

We all are living in a world where there are prosperity, happiness, different cultures and traditions, health, sickness, troubles, diseases, ups and downs, etc. Even, the technology is getting advanced day-by-day through which our life is becoming simple and easier. There are many people who can afford healthy food, clean water, medical facilities, housing and other general facilities. On the other hand a large ratio of people are also there who are suffering from social illness, medical problems, inappropriate resources, and other problems as they can’t afford expensive medical treatments and other facilities.

With PUNCH -NGO we have taken a pledge to help people in sufferings, serious illness, rehabilitation, quality education, etc., through our voluntary practices, and funds. To help people in sufferings and providing them general facilities a large capacity of fund is required. We request people to donate funds, or other resources which can help improving the life of people in sufferings. Always keep in mind that your small donation can pull a life from a drastic condition and bring smile to someone’s face in suffering.

We are accepting all the payment methods for donation including cheque/demand draft/ Internet Banking. The interested donators who are willing to support a cause through thier financial help can choose any mode of payment for donation.

For Cheque / Demand Draft (DD)

Bank Cheque or Demand Draft should be payable to People United for National Cause and Humanity (PUNCH).

Please send us your Checque/DD at below address:
Address: 311, New Delhi House, 27, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110001, India

For Net banking NEFT transfer

Please transfer your donation amount on bank details mentioned to the right side of this page.