Fraud Prevention & Alert

STOP Fraud, STOP Scam and Hail growth

Every year million people start earning their living, millions move from rural to urban living, millions buys insurance, crores of people open their first bank account. But some unscrupulous people target these new comers and try to dupe them from their earnings & savings.

Today technology is becoming a necessity of our life. Both advantages and disadvantages of technology can be seen in present time. Cyber fraud or hacking is one of the major issues in present time. The common frauds and scams which mostly can be seen are: internet banking fraud, impersonation of internet banking, password theft, online lotteries, online shopping fraud, telemarketing scams, identity theft, fraud call asking credit/debit card or bank account detail, recruitment scams, match fixing scams, fake police, hotel/restaurant scams, taxi/cab scams, etc. We at People United (PUNCH) are trying to spread awareness in people about cyber frauds so that they can safeguard themselves and their organization from fraud risks.

In India, cyber fraud cases are increasing rapidly which are affecting personal as well as commercial wealth. These fraud scams are increasing due to lack of awareness in people. Such frauds are done by some unscrupulous people who target the innocent people having less awareness about online banking fraud, fraudulent e-mail, and the people who thinks that “It won’t happen to me”.

We at People United have taken this challenge to make people aware of such tricks and deceive. We run ‘Fraud & Scam Alert Awareness Campaign’ and associate with students of Tier 2, Tier 3 city, rural area public and movers rural to urban area, who are the most common prey of such scams. Our aim is to aware and educate people who are new user of technology, from rural backgrounds, don’t have much knowledge about cyber crimes, hacking, new to internet banking, and others. Our team helps people to analyse frauds, cyber crimes, cyber attacks, including: hacking, trojan hourse, physhing, and spyware. Through Fraud awareness training we educate people about frauds, fraud detection, alerts and prevention, reporting of frauds, filing police complaints against online or offline frauds.

Such trainings or workshops are helpful for reducing fraud risk by anaylsing the risks associated with information technology. Time-to time we organizes workshops on fraud prevention and alerts to bring awareness in community.

Our objective is to bring ‘Financial Safety & security’, ‘Fraud prevention’ and ‘Education for better Living’ in the society.

Our ongoing plan & activities:

  • Do Not Greed – Avoid being victim to scams
  • There are No FREE Lunches – Avoid being victim to Frauds
  • Path out of Poverty – Save your savings from sammers
  • Fraud & Scam Alert India