Health Camp @ Sarita Vihar with Fortis

Health Camp in Sarita Vihar, New Delhi

A Health care camp was organized with the support of Fortis Escorts Hospital, Okhla, in association with ‘Mission Swasth Bharat – an NGO’ for the residents, workers & all other staff of SartiaVihar C-Block at their community center.

Theme was“Health, Happiness, and Creativity” where in Eye cares, Orthopedics;and Heart Specialist were available during two days on 2nd& 3rd August, 2014, it was attended by 100s of people.

The event was thrilled by “” who gave free gifts & souvenirs to visitors. “” team was really supportive & kind to make the event memorable with their stall.

A “Health cross word” was organized under creativity theme, among youngsters & students, the winner …… the ’’8 GB Pen-drive’’ as a prize.
The event was well acknowledged& admired by all, and RWA of C-Block SaritaVihar.

RWA President Mr. Vohra and General Secretary Ms. Chaddha were continuously present during these two days to grant their support.
Lucky Draws were taken out for each day & gifts distributed.

We are highly thankful for the “ Fortis team Mr,Ratnesh Sinha, Mr.Sahil Sahay, team of Doctors, &several others to make this event successful with their efforts & presence.