Join us

People United for National Cause & Humanity is all about working with the people, for the people and by the people. We may provide developmental projects but non of these is possible without your contribution. Through PUNCH platform, you can share your vision and thoughts on society as we seek your support and cooperation in the development of society.

Who can Join Us?

We are Delhi-based NGO working in few areas for society and seek people to join us as Volunteers & for Interns. People who want to impact the society with their ideas and work are welcome to join us as members so that they can lead and work closely with our team.

Preferred domain/education of Students Looking for INTERNSHIP:
1) Engineering (Electronics, IT & Computer)
2) MBA (HR, Sales & marketing)
3) Journalism or Mass Communications
4) Photography
5) Law
6) Disaster Management
7) Social Engineering
8) Food Technologist/ Doctors/Health Science

Preferred domain/work of Retired Professionals Looking for VOLUNTEER role:
1) Police
2) Fire Services
3) Banks/RBI/ SEBI
4) Insurance companies/ IRDA/ LIC
5) Retired Hygiene / Food / Drug Inspectors
6) MP/ MLA/ Councillors
7) RWA President/ General Secretary etc.

Why Join Us?

Here are few main reasons that shall make you to join us…
– We provide a community-based platform for social development.
– We help individuals to develop skills through our training programs.
– We connect people to come forward and support in any possible way for the social welfare.
– We highlight the basic problems of the society like health & hygiene, women & child security and so on. And we give solutions to such issues through our effective campaigns.
– We try creating awareness on social issues in the best possible way so that people may see a better change in their lives.

Membership type

The society will work as an open source to all NGO and thus may seek participation from every person or any facets of Society, Class, State, Country, Gender or Location. The membership of the society is open to any person who has attained the age of maturity and fulfills the terms & conditions of the society (framed by the Governing Body/General Body from time to time) but subject to the approval of the Governing Body of Society.

At present there are following types of members namely

(A) Life Time Members: You may connect to us all your life through our lifetime membership by paying fees one time only. Such members shall enjoy the voting rights, subject to payment of entire dues of membership and arrears, if any applicable by the date specified by the Governing Body.

Life Time Membership fee is Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) to be paid one time only, and valid for the entire lifetime of such member.

(B) Annual Members: With our annual membership, you may become a member of PUNCH for one year and may renew your membership. These kinds of members shall also enjoy the voting rights, subject to payment of entire dues of membership and arrears, if any applicable by the date specified by the Governing Body.

Annual Membership fee is Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) to be paid every year and valid for 1 year. A member shall renew the membership by paying Rs. 1,000 for every subsequent year.

(C) Associate Members: You may associate to us with minimal fee by paying one time only. As the associate members are not the permenent ones, so such members, however, would not be having any Voting Rights.

Associate Membership fee is Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred only) to be paid one time only.

1- Governing Body of Society may change / decide different types of members in its Governing Body Meeting called for this purpose. Membership Fee, Renewal & Subscription Fee, Voting Power and Election contesting eligibility of such members shall also be finalized in the same meeting.

2- If the membership is not approved by the Governing Body of society, the reason of refusal shall be communicated to the person/applicant concerned.