Privacy Policy

Peopleunited is committed about securing the privacy of its users accessing its website. It has been requested to all our users or visitors to go through the complete privacy policy mentioned below. This will help you understand how your information that you share on our website is collected, used and disclosed by Peopleunited.

If you agree the policy mentioned here, then you can proceed further using this website otherwise please do not proceed further using this website.



Information Gathering :

Our Privacy Policy illustrate how Peopleunited collects confidential and other common information that is classifieds as voluntary or mandatory, use, protects and disclose the information throughout complete website. Here, ‘Personal Information’ is referred to the data associated with individual person and used to identify a person’s identity. Here in our policy, the personal information includes information such as name, address, mobile/telephone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, etc.



To use our services, you may require to share your personal information with us by registering on our website, creating User ID, providing your financial information while interested in making an online purchase, participate in surveys, communicate with Peopleunited’s customer service via phone, or email, sharing your reviews about the content on our website.



Only the information that is required to understand your interest and request is collected by Peopleunited. These collected personal informations are used to record, support, track, notify you for all the services and updates provided by Peopleunited. Through this, you will be informed about latest offers, services, products, and improved customer service of Peopleunited.



To improve our services better, we record certain information each time a user visit our website. These informations are traced, stored and encrypted in server logs, that can be used to identify a user’s visit and the type of activity performed by the user on website. The information include: IP address of the visitor’s system, operating system, browser of user’s system, and the last visited website before visiting our website. Also, the date, time of access, and the duration of user’s stay on our website is recorded and stored in server. These informations are used by Peopleunited to understand the users and the use of our website. Some of the website and visitor’s related information may be shared with developers, investors, advertisers, business partners of Peopleunited, and sponsors, in order to develop our business. Here, Peopleunited assure that any personal information of user will not be shared with anyone.



When a user visit our website, the server collects the informations about his/her activities through cookies. A small amount of data that a web server sent to the browser of user’s system is termed as cookie. This data is stored on hard drive of user’s system and does not include any personal information that user provided to Peopleunited.



Its up to a user whether he/she wants to enable cookies or not. By default, a browser have its cookies enabled. If a user disable cookies settings, then he/she may not be able to experience all the features of our website. For better experience, it has been recommended to keep your browser cookies enabled.



Peopleunited provides a facility to third-party service provider to post their advertisements. They may capture some of your information related to your visit and interaction with our services and products. During this no personal information like name, address, mobile/phone number, e-mail address, etc. is shared or collected by these third party services.



Peopleunited does not share, sell or trade personal information of users in any manner, except the below mentioned conditions or if the user expresses the interest to share personal information.



Personal Information given by the user is used only :

1. to provide information about the products, services, offers, and other materials provided by Peopleunited.
2. To send information to customers/users related to our website, updates, and change in Peopleunited’s terms.
3. To send surveys and other business communications to improve our services.
4. To personalize user’s experience about Peopleunited website through advertising, offers and products delivered to the users.
5. To address the problem which users are experiencing on our website.
6. When a customer/user purchase any product or service from our website, to completely process the purchase request, communication regarding the purchase and customer service.
7. To administer the website efficiently.
8. To perform data analysis and internal reviews for the website.
9. To improve content, advertising, and other services on website.
10. To protect website integrity.
11. To provide information to the agencies of law enforcement or investigation and answer the judicial process for public safety purpose, sanctioned by law.



Peopleunited will not be liable for disclosure and dissemination of Personal Information (which a user uploaded on our website and resembles with other user of our website) to government or any other third party agencies.



Peopleunited may disclose user’s information about their use of our website. This information does not include any type of personal information related to users. However, Peopleunited discloses the personal information to the government or other third parties, only in situation when Peopleunited is legally answerable.



Although, the security risks are associated with all the internet sites, then also Peopleunited have implemented the best standard measures to protect website from unauthorized and unwanted access of personal information.



About Personal Information Sharing :

Users needs to submit their information while using our website for online purchase. Peopleunited uses a secure online payment gateway operated by third party. The information which users share with Peopleunited is also shared with third party providing payment gateway service. This party also have access to the details related to user’s online purchase made on our website.



The sensitive information such as credit card details and other credentials related to transactions are transferred through secure encrypted payment gateways, thereby providing the highest safety and security to protect such sensitive information. The users are advised for proper attention while doing online purchase, as the internet technology is not completely secure.



Existence of third-party links on website :

Our website contains third-party advertisements and links for other websites. Peopleunited does not provide any type of personal information to the advertisers or third party service providers. Peopleunited do not have any control on third-party website unless specified on website by Peopleunited. Peopleunited is not responsible for the messages or information received by the user from third-party websites. Peopleunited does not provide any guarantee for the quality, integrity and the accuracy of the information, data (such as text, audio, video, images, software, and other materials) provided by third-party website.



These third-party advertising websites gather information through the cookies of user’s system browser. Also, they use web beacons, JavaScript technology to evaluate the effectiveness of their contents and advertisements. Their information gathering policies are not covered under Peopleunited and hence, it is advised to contact them directly to understand their privacy policy.



Security :

Peopleunited is committed and serious about ensuring the privacy, integrity and security of user’s personal information against any type of unauthorized and unauthenticated access, destruction or data exploitation. To achieve this security level, Peopleunited implemented high level of security measures, practices, data gathering reviews, data encryption, and other security techniques to protect the sensitive information from unauthorized access.



Peopleunited is not responsible for any security breach or other unauthorized actions carried out by third-party websites which are linked with our website, as these are not controlled by Peopleunited.



Also, Peopleunited is not responsible for any type of misuse, damage or loss of user’s personal information caused due to undesired situations like flood, fire, sabotage, explosion, civil commotion, riots, strikes, wars, computer hacking, acts of government, server breakdown, encryption and security breach, acts of God, and etc.



Disclosure :

Peopleunited collect the information only according to the information gathering policy. Peopleunited may disclose any personal information related to users if it is necessary for some investigation purpose or complaint regarding the misuse of our website or to identify/contact or taking legal action against the person trying to exploit or damage the Peopleunited property including its customers.



Peopleunited reserves the right to disclose any information necessary to obey the law, legal process, regulation and government request. To penetrate fraud practices, Peopleunited may also exchange user’s information with other associated companies, if permitted by the law.



Here, you agree that Peopleunited may preserve your communication with Peopleunited through any means. These informations may be disclosed whenever required by law or when it seems to be necessary for : complying with legal process, enforcement of policy, responding to claims, protecting the rights, and property of Peopleunited.

User Discretion :

The user can always opt not to provide information but if in case, information required is mandatory, then some of the features or services will not be experienced.



One can add or update his/her personal information on Peopleunited website on regular basis. One can also enable or disable the cookies of his/her system’s browser. To experience full advantages of all the features and services of our website one should turn on the cookies of hi/her system. If a user disable cookies of Peopleunited then he or she will not be able to add selected items to shopping cart or download any content/service for which log in is mandatory.



General Provisions :

By gaining access to this website, the user have agreed for all the Terms and conditions mentioned n this policy. The policy applies to all the information that Peopleunited collected about the user and his/her account.



By using the content, product, and services of our website you agreed upon gathering, transferring, processing, and storage of your personal information by trusted parties or credit card processing authority, web hosting provider, web analytic service provider, communication services, etc. across national boundaries or anywhere around the world.



Peopleunited will keep updating this policy time-to-time in accordance with change in laws and regulation. Peopleunited will not reduce your rights under this policy without any explicit agreement. For any updations or changes, Peopleunited periodically send reminder and notice e-mail.



Any type of dispute related to privacy is subjected to the policy and Terms of Use provided here and shall be governed by the jurisdiction of India.