PUNCH Volunteer Activities

PUNCH Volunteers Meeting

PUNCH NGO as per its vision has started its services of spreading awareness among our society for social causes and general duties. As we know that, there are certain complications, stress, social illness, unawareness, and many social problems like fraud & scams, women empowerment, social injustice, safety, security, etc. Since volunteers plays a major role in the success of any programs and when we talk about social welfare then it is really appreciating for responsible members, volunteers and organizers to organize such non-profit events. Following the same vision, two workshops have been organized by PUNCH till date. Our office at Barakhamba road was the venue for those social awareness programs. We appreciate the willingness of people and our dedicated volunteers to join awareness programs for a national cause, and social welfare program. The photographs of those events can be seen on our Facebook/LinkedIn page.

The two meetings or awareness programs which were organized by PUNCH NGO was successful as expected. Here, we are sharing our experiences about the two meetings/workshops organized at PUNCH.

First meeting, was held on 31st January at our office. As that was our first meeting, so our focus was on welcoming all the volunteers, respected members, and our helping partners for joining us in an initiative. Also, we have interviewed new volunteers who are passionate about spreading awareness in society for social welfare. On that event, we have introduced all our responsible volunteers with all the members and founder of PUNCH. In that session we discussed upon “Financial Fraud Research”, a serious concern that is affecting our personal as well as national wealth. In present time, complaints for financial frauds are increasing day-by-day. Our members who are from finance/banking background introduce this serious cause with its impact on our economy. They discussed about the fraudsters, the techniques which fraudsters uses to target innocent people for receiving payments. Also, they provided us a detailed knowledge on fraud susceptibility, investment attitudes, investment possibility solicitation, investment scam delivery, red flag persuasion tactics, fraud exposure categorization, financial exploitation. Behind choosing this issue for awareness program, our aim was to perform an academic research for identifying root causes of financial frauds so that it can be prevented with immediate effect.

On the same day some of our volunteers who have expertise in photography had assigned a task to collect some photos for PUNCH website. We appreciate their hard work for completing that assigned task with their best efforts.

After the success of our first meeting we had organized one more meeting on 21st February 2015. This time our meeting agenda was to get knowledge on “Frauds and Scam alerts” so that we can effectively spread awareness about this serious cause. The industry specific experts provided a detailed knowledge on online frauds, tax scams, phishing scams, impersonation telephone scams, e-mail phishing scams, phony arguments, business proposition, recruitment scams, fraud prize awards, and other threat scams. During this meeting we come across the preventive measures and the practices to identify such threats and respond accordingly. Really this was the first time when we come across the severity of such issues and the impact of these on our social as well as economic life.

On this meeting, a task was assigned to all the volunteers for preparing promotional or educational materials through which our NGO can start a campaign for social awareness on frauds and scam alerts. The quality and effectiveness with which our volunteers competed this task presented their eagerness and interest towards social welfare activities.

As we have decided to turn these initiatives into revolution across the country therefore; we need extra efforts and voluntary work from all the responsible citizens of our country. We invite all the positive energies to join our team for bringing awareness in people about their social responsibilities. We together can bring a change in community to make people realize about their social duties and humanitarian activities. For such a respectable work we require more hands to support these type of initiatives.

People who have an eager to bring a social change in their surroundings with positive attitude can join PUNCH NGO. Definitely you will feel proud of doing such effective work for yourself, your family, nation, and specially for humanity.