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Policeman Soldier

-Calling Police Helpline, when in Delhi

A presentation was done at MNC Delhi office (Jasola) in 2010, where in briefings was done for Delhi Police helpline service on how & when to reach them, case studies were shared on what support can be requested from Helpline.

Presentation was attended by MNC Delhi Office team and appreciated at large.

Many were able to understand how citizens can be helpful to society and how cooperative are police is.

The presentation gave good information & confidence about govt. social security systems and supports available to general people, example; reaching cops when stuck in traffic jam, to request support to solve jam, requesting support when in isolation/alone and danger is expected, when stuck on isolated road during puncture and life safety could be at risk, to inquire about any query related to police or local matters in Delhi and many more. Wherein Police helps the person directly or help caller to reach the right authority like Fire Brigade, Electric supply Grid, Hospital, Ambulance etc.