What we do

A human civilization is more than hundred thousands years old, and still there are many things which are challenge for many people in our society. Such challenges are: a quality education, women empowerment, justice, safety and security, healthy foods, medical treatments, and other common public services.

Through PUNCH (NGO) we are aimed to educate people for social responsibilities, fraud alerts and preventions, health & hygiene, social security, women empowerment and other social problems. For spreading humanitarian awareness in society and social duties we organize workshops and short trainings through our members and volunteers. We encourage people to join national cause for making our environment safe, secure, clean, hygiene, healthy, and well organized.

Some of the major and serious challenges we are addressing:

Frauds and Scams: As the technology has entered into our daily life, many negative consequences of technology can be seen in addition to its advantages. A major problem that can be seen in present time is cyber threat/attack. In this a group of deceived people targets the innocent, unaware people to make them fool and cheat them through fake recruitment calls, fake call on the name of bank or some insurance company, and many other methods. One can become a victim of cyber attack anywhere like at hotel, petrol pump, retail showroom, etc. So it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and bring awareness on such fraudulent activities and scams.

Health and Hygiene: This is an another area of interest people needs to be aware about. To contribute in “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” and make our India healthy and clean we need to take it as our responsibility. It is required to show our social responsibility of keeping our environment clean and hygiene while we are in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, dhabas, road side tea stalls, or any other public place.

Household Security: Household security is one of the serious concern for highly populated country like India. As it is impossible to deploy individual policeman or security guard for each citizen or for individual houses, therefore; again it is our duty to bring awareness about stranger threats. Proper verification and security checks should be done before hiring a servant, maid, gardener, driver, guard, electrician, plumber, and etc. Through awareness program we can create a secure environment for children, women, house, and other assets.

Crowd Management: In addition to the above discussed problems, “Stampede” is another severe problem in India. Here arises the necessity of crowd management at public gathering places. Due to lack of awareness the organizers of an event/program/function or public gathering like parades, political rallies, social, entertainment, sports, and corporate events always face problem in managing crowds which sometimes transforms into immoderate situations, severe injuries, or riots. Through social awareness programs we provide guidance on crowd management and arrangements required to control heavy gatherings during an event, political rallies, jansabhas, religious gatherings, and etc.