Women & Child Security

Avoid Risk, Secure Better

As we live in a society or a town or a city or a state or a country where crime against women and children are on the rise; so we basically provide a constructive and a reliable platform in the name of People United for National Cause and Humanity to such people for creating awareness among them on security and getting them trained on how to be self-managed on social safety. With our motto ‘Avoid Risk, Secure Better’; we closely work on the development of an individual’s security especially women and children.

A city like New Delhi, India, experience a lots of encrocachments within developing areas so people used to give their land on rent for generating revenues. And there is a considerable increase in the numbers of tenants. Even they are keen to hire individuals for gardening, household work and other services. Now who knows about the honesty of an unknown person, so we basically guide people of having a self-check on verification of a Tenant or a Maid or Guard or Gardener along with inspection of working systems of government.

We also inspire to empower RWAs or organisations or individuals to know their employees or tenants or servants under a complete proof mechanism by getting their appropriate verification. Thus, we try to make an environment safe for people against crime at home and against women & children and against theft by teaching them methods on how to become safe and creating awareness on security concerns.

Our Ongoing Plans and Activities are as follows:

  • How Safe R U?

  • Check N Crack

  • House SAFE India

So, the idea of creating PUNCH is to provide a trustworthy source for people especially women and children to know about the security related issues and solutions.